Meeting Minutes – September 2011

GHA Meeting – September 26, 2011

Attending:  Dave Baildon, Bob Folts, Patsy Sellen, Cindy Addy, Roberta Parseghian, Marilyn Mann        (Arrived later:  Hans Pecher, Dale Sellen)

Absent:  Jessica Shaw, Greg Mastin, Eileen Welch, Paul Mitchell

Meeting called to order:  Dave Baildon, VP

Minutes of last meeting:  unavailable

Treasurer’s report:  presented by treasurer Bob Folts  (see attached)

Old Business:

Mannequin project – Marilyn reported that “Sponsor a Mannequin” project has been presented to the community through January 1st.  Donations toward the project will be accepted as a sponsorship recognition (as specified in the fall issue of the Tribune).  Students mannequins = $100, Adults = $125.  She requested that discussion on additional purchases by GHA take place in the future with full Board input as to how many/if any GHA might choose to buy.

Roof repair completed.  Our half ($1228) was paid to Jodi Pettit, as was the same from the Town of Genoa.  As per the GHA Board request, Marilyn will contact Lorie Fessenden to inquire whether there was any guarantee to the work.  She will also inquire about repair to the drywall, ceiling in women’s bathroom, etc. and if the TOG will agree to paying for half.   Bob has secured one estimate for $800 and will investigate at least one other estimate for the work.

Schoolhouse outside painting and outhouse nearly completed by Community Service Program (inmates)

October is the month for fall clean-up: weeding (before 19th), closing up the barn (after the 19th), buggy, AC out…if anyone has time.  Anything else?  Will note other fall “to do’s” at the Oct. 24th meeting.

Creamery – voted (6-0) to accept this piece from Conlon’s.  Cindy will work with Hans to arrange pickup.

New business:

New format:  An attempt at having a luncheon for our Annual Meeting on October 19th at the KF Hotel.  Events planned throughout the day (See fall Tribune). Luncheon from 11:30-1:00.  Other parts of the day include local Inventors (County Historian Sheila Tucker), local CW Veterans (Ledyard Historian Judy Furness), Historic KF Hotel (Gay Folts), Special Recognition and Historic Images (Bill Hecht and Greg Mastin, Museum will be open for browsing….Marilyn will prepare a simple program listing 2011 accomplishments.

Continued discussion on ideas for next year’s WHF.  Vicki Sheils would like to present an idea at the Oct. 24th meeting.

Discussion on starting the process for next year’s budget and GHA Board members for 2012 at the October 24th  meeting.  Cindy would like to end her term at the end of this year due to other commitments, but has offered to continue her support to GHA in ways we might need her.  Thank you, Cindy for all you have done in the past for GHA and for your offer of future support.   Thoughts for interested members to fill Cindy’s term should be brought to the Oct. 24thmeeting.

Topics of discussion:

How can we work with Pete Signor for more collaboration of events with Smith’s General Store Museum?

The scholarship should be discussed …continue scholarship with changes or discontinue?

Roberta would like to see an increase in filming people and events.  How can we make that happen?

Future Meetings:

Annual Meeting, Wednesday, October 19 – 11:30AM luncheon

Monthly meetings, Monday, October 24 – 6:30PM

Monday November 28 – 6:30PM

Meeting in December?  Usually not.


Submitted by Marilyn Mann