Meeting Minutes – October 2011

Genoa Historical Association

Minutes 10/24/2011

Present: Cindy Addy, Dave Baildon, Bob Folts, Marilyn Mann, Hans Pecher, Roberta Parseghian,
Pat Sellen, Jessica Shaw, and Eileen Welch

The meeting was called to order by President Jessica Shaw at 6:45 pm.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved and a motion was made to accept.  Bob 1st, Cindy 2nd.  Motion carried.

Financial report:  Bob offered current Balance and Profit and Loss Budget Performance statements.  He is currently adding a category for Mannequins. We are on track with spending.  Motion was approved to accept this month’s financial report. Pat 1st, Roberta 2nd.  Motion carried.

Although the number of attendees at the October 4th tour of local cemeteries was low (the weather was unsettled and chilly), the tour was most informative and interesting.  Unfortunately we ran out of time and were only able to tour the cemeteries in the hamlet Genoa, at some point in time we will continue by touring the King Ferry area cemeteries.  Attendees were pleased to see that a gentleman from the Rochester area, Jim Allen, is cleaning up the Wilcox Cemetery on Route 34 near the Tompkins County line

October 16th Peter Signor once again hosted a tour of the village of Genoa.  Many people attending had interesting facts about the local venues.

Both of these tours will be repeated.

Unfortunately we lost money on this year’s Annual Meeting.  Participants’ enjoyed the programs given by Judy Furness, Gay Folts, and Bill Hecht.  Next year we will change the event slightly by having the luncheon in a different location (possibly at Genoa Hotel with someone giving the history of that establishment).

Marilyn asked if we would consider purchasing mannequins for the schoolhouse and barn museums.  She showed us what she has done in the schoolhouse with a couple of the mannequins (one characterizes Katherine Stachniewicz and a small lad characterizes Grayson Mitchell).  She also noted that the Elser family has donated money to purchase a mannequin and dress her in an original dress that Grace Elser wore to school in the Little Hollow School (this mannequin will characterize Grace). At this time no action was taken on Marilyn’s request.  Great job Marilyn!


Discussion was held on starting the process of the Annual Budget, and after a lengthy debate it was decided that we will work on this at the next meeting in November.  Bob will provide us a format that shows columns for last years’ and this years’ figures and allow for a line for next years’ budget.

Attention then turned to nominations.  This is the last year for Cindy and Jessica (personnel reasons) and a couple of names were suggested.  We are all asked to bring names to the table for the next meeting.

It was generally felt that we are, and will continue, supporting Peter Signor in any of his new ventures.  He would appreciate any ideas on what to do with the IGA Store.

Our current scholarship award was then discussed and some members believe the criteria should be changed.  It was decided not to work on this piece until we see if there are enough funds in next years’ budget to support it.

Roberta feels we should be filming the events that we hold.  The additional history we learned from the last three events is priceless and it would be a shame to lose the information we gained.  GHA currently has a cam recorder.  There was a debate on how we could get someone to do the recording and a suggestion was made that we could possibly get a student from the area that could gain valuable knowledge from doing this type of filming.

Roberta has been working on the Palmer Cemetery in Five Corners and Mr. Palmer has expressed he would like to have someone do something (and it may be interested in helping in some way) with the schoolhouse that sits on his property.  It is not likely that we can take on a project such as this with our limited budget.  Hans used the example of the church in East Genoa.

We decided on the following meeting dates for the next few months: November 28, No December meeting, January 9, and January 30 commencing at 6:30pm.

Hans and Marilyn both discussed historical markers, and the fact there is a grant due December 15th if we are interested in obtaining more markers.  Hans thinks one should be put on the north corner of Bartnick Road and Route 90; it was originally called Weeks Road and was the first named road in the town of Genoa.  Marilyn was thinking along the line of markers at Five Corners and Belltown.  Markers need historical explanations and if anyone can think of any places that merit a marker, or historical information about Five Corners and Belltown please let Marilyn know.

Marilyn is thinking it would be nice to have a Tourist Information Sign in front of our building, so that tourists driving by might stop and inquire about the area and look over our schoolhouse.

Hans asked if the Board would consider changing the name of the Genoa King Ferry Tribune to Southern Cayuga Tribune.  The hope is that we would get a larger group interested in us, maybe get more advertising, and have our programs more visible in the southern portion of the county.  We thought this discussion should not go on without Paul Mitchell being in on the conversation.

Next Meeting: November 28th, 6:30pm

Respectively Submitted,

Pat Sellen