Meeting Minutes – November 2011

Genoa Historical Association

Minutes November 28, 2011

Present: Cindy Addy, Bob Folts, Marilyn Mann, Greg Mastin, Paul Mitchell, Hans Pecher,
Roberta Parseghian, Pat Sellen, Jessica Shaw, Vicki Sheils, Peter Signor and Eileen Welch

The meeting was called to order by President Jessica Shaw at 6:40 pm.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved and a motion was made to accept them.
Roberta 1st, Bob 2nd.  Motion carried.

Financial report:  Bob offered current Balance and Profit and Loss Budget Performance statements.  We are close to our 2011 budget, which is good considering the added expenses we have had with the roof.  He is currently adding categories for Mannequins and Cemeteries, which should give us a clearer picture of income and expenses. A motion was approved to accept this month’s financial report. Peter 1st, Cindy 2nd.  Motion carried.

Roberta gave us an update on the Wilcox and Palmer Cemeteries.  The prisoners did a great job of cleaning up the Wilcox Cemetery and the Town is having a foot bridge built for easier access.  The Palmer Cemetery needs landscaping.

Marilyn gave us an update on the Mannequin Project and said that around $200 dollars has been donated for the development of this project.  The next mannequin dressed will be Grayson Mitchell as a small lad.  There will be a “Nickfest” on Saturday, December 3rd and all donations from the food table will go toward the fund, so bring your appetite!

Bob gave us a report on the ongoing repair to the women’s bathroom area.  The damage was much more severe than first thought.  When the contractor, Tom May, began the demolition of the damaged area, it was obvious the damage was very bad.  Both Bob and Tom are hoping that the damage has not gone beyond the bathroom. The Town has agreed to pay for half of the work, with the hope that at least a proportion of the work will be covered by insurance, Bob and Tom will work on the claim with the Town Supervisor.  Since the south west corner of the repository is where the damage originated, Bob asked how we felt about boarding up the southern window in the repository.  The Board decided that Bob should make the decision on fixing, replacing, or boarding up the window.

Concerning the budget, we asked Bob to bring a proposed budget to the January 9, 2012 meeting for us to use to construct the budget for 2012.

Nominations were presented and a motion was made to accept Peter Signor to fill Jessica’s 1 year term and Vicki Sheils to fill Cindy’s 2 year term.  Marilyn 1st, Cindy 2nd. Motion carried. Thanks to both of you for stepping up.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the GHA Scholarship and whether or not it should be continued.  A motion was made not offer the award in 2012, after that we will reassess the awarding, but with changes being made to the criteria.  Cindy 1st, Marilyn 2nd.  Motion carried.



It is felt by many that filming of events and people is an important part of our mission.  We currently have a recorder and discussed how/where to get someone to do the filming.  It was suggested that we may be able to use volunteer technology students from SCCS, or pay a professional a token amount.  This will have to be looked into further.

Marilyn would like to submit a grant to the Pomeroy Foundation for a minimum of one historical marker this awarding period.  She will submit the paper work for at least three sites, the Weeks Road, Train Station and Underground Railroad sites in the Town of Genoa.

Paul wanted our thoughts on changing the name of the Genoa – King Ferry Tribune to the Southern Cayuga Tribune.  Hans felt that since we are currently sending the paper to folks in Locke, Scipio, and Venice, by changing the name we might generate more interest in the GHA.  Paul mentioned that Butch McGuerty (the publisher), felt that the title should be Southern Cayuga Tribune as the heading with Genoa – King Ferry Tribune being the subtitle.  A motion was presented to change the name of the Genoa – King Ferry Tribune to the Southern Cayuga Tribune, with the subtitle mentioned above.  Cindy 1st, Pat 2nd.  Motion carried.

Vicky brought up the prospect of shifting the Wheat Harvest Festival so the village of Genoa could be included and become a part of the event.   She is suggesting a possible tractor pull on the site of the Ag Center possibly on Sunday.  A lengthy discussion followed and it was determined that we will pursue this idea further.

Marilyn suggested some events she would like to see at the GHA during the winter months, some suggestions for programs were proposed: Peter presenting his tour of Genoa again using his extensive notes and pictures, Greg presenting a program on how to use the GHA website, a Google workshop, etc., and Roberta would like to have a headstone restoration program.

Next Meeting: January 9, 2012, 6:30pm

Respectively Submitted,

Pat Sellen