Meeting Minutes – March 2012

Genoa Historical Association

Minutes March 26, 2012

Present: David Baildon, Rene Benda, Bob Folts, Marilyn Mann, Greg Mastin, Roberta Parseghian, Pat Sellen, Vicki Sheils, and Peter Signor

The meeting was called to order by President Roberta Parseghian at 6:40 pm.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved and a motion was made to accept them.
Marilyn 1st, Bob 2nd.  Motion carried.

Financial report:  Was accepted as presented. Pat 1st, 2nd Peter.  Motion carried.

Membership – No report.

Both the GHA web site and facebook are working well, Greg and Rene have noticed an increase in correspondence and they expect the site will continue to grow as people use it more.  Greg mentioned that we have had 62 “likes” on facebook since he created the page.  The site can be located on  Check it out!  Great job Greg and Rene!

We then discussed goals for 2012 and a list has been produced and will be available at every meeting, so we may see progress.  David mentioned that the Town of Genoa Comprehensive Plan, in particular the Economic Development piece, might be a tool that would also help in our planning goals.  The Comprehensive Plan is available on the Town’s website for all to examine.  Rene will print 3 copies and have them here at the GHA for anyone wishing to look them over.  Attachment I is a copy of the Goals List that we discussed.  Our goals for 2012 will also be placed on the web site so anyone who is interested may make comments.

Bob then gave us an update on the commodes in the bathrooms.  At this time the commode in the men’s room is shut off and he is watching the women’s room commode for any sign of leakage.  The Town is not willing to pay for new toilets at this time.  Bob is considering his options regarding repairing or replacing.  He will also contact the Town’s code officer regarding the electricity in the closet, and he will also ask him for an opinion on putting flooring in the attic.

Roberta will be submitting a grant application to the Cayuga Community Fund regarding restoration of stones in several cemeteries.  We also discussed some projects that the inmates might complete for us: putting in screens, weeding, finish painting, finish the Belltown and Wilcox cemeteries clean up.  Marilyn has requested their help but hasn’t had a response yet.  Another issue is bees on the ramp as you enter the GHA; they will have to be taken care of soon.

Marilyn announced that the GHA programs thus far have been very successful, also, she would like to give Bernie Cochran a $25 gift certificate for the program he had for us on Military Tracts.  A motion was made to give Mr. Cochran a $25 gift certificate.  Pat 1st, 2nd Vicki.  Motion carried.

Vicki is waiting for a reply from Dan regarding the Wheat Harvest Festival.

Marilyn reported that the HC3 meetings are going very well and the contacts we have are excellent.  Good news from the Pomeroy Foundation, they started the process for the marker to be placed at the Forks of the Creek.  They changed the wording to:







Marilyn is working with the Town Highway Superintendent on finding a site for the marker and locating the land owners.

No action on the note cards and envelopes.

Marilyn asked if the GHA would be interested in donating $25 to the King Ferry Fire Department for the purchase of a flag in acknowledgment of the GHA.  The Board will think this over and decide at the next meeting.   She also said that she will give an accounting of the Historian’s salary at the next meeting.  She has used this money primarily for GHA programs.

Research has increased greatly and Vicki is increasingly busy researching material (genealogy, names, addresses, etc.) for people who contact her.   Keep up the good work Vicki!

Marilyn mentioned that recently a Grant Center has opened in Auburn.  They offer help for those interested in applying for various funding.  This may be a great way for us to get some money for technology and other projects.  She is also proposing a Summer Art Exhibit to promote GHA  members who have artistic talents.   The Summer Art Exhibit competition will be announced in the Tribune ‘s June issue.  Artists would be asked to submit their work in the July, displaying them in August, and announcing winners in September.  She envisions having them displayed around both King Ferry and Genoa for people to look at and choose their favorites.  Rene, Roberta, Pat, and Vicki will meet to get this started.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 pm. Peter1st, Pat 2nd.  Motion carried.

Next Meeting: April 23, 2012, 6:30pm

Respectively Submitted,

Pat Sellen