Meeting Minutes – June 2011

GHA Meeting

June 24th, 2011

Present:  Dan Utter, Hans Pecher, Marilyn Mann, Greg Mastin, Jessica Shaw, Eileen Welch, Vicki Shiels

Absent:  Bob Folts, Roberta Parseghian, Pat Sellen, Cindy Addy, Paul Mitchell

FYI:  There were not enough board members present for an official meeting.

Those that were present, discussed the upcoming Wheat Harvest Festival.  Dan wondered if the museum would be available for a Wheat Harvest Meeting either on July 6th or July 13th at 6:30.  He stated that Susan May had a good program set up (Hagan Sisters, Steam Boiler Band, kids from the H.S., etc.).

Marilyn asked if there was additional publicity planned other than the Tribune.

Hans suggested publishing event in the Freeville Shopper.

Events taking place will be:

Friday – Cutting of the wheat and food booth

Saturday – Coffee and donuts, parade, cake booths, crafters, pie contest, best of parade, and Rotary food booth.

Jessie will check on the necessary permit.  Marilyn will check on the coffee pot, Dan will check on form letters for parade, merchants for donations and crafters and on chairs and tables.

There is a need volunteers to do the wheat bundles.

Hans said he would continue mowing the lawn unless Cindy’s past suggestion of budgeting for lawn mowing in next year’s budget.

On June 28th, the inmates to work on the Bell Tower Cemetery and the Town Hall.

Marilyn brought up the problem of the bee problem in the barn. Hans responded that unless on powders right into the holes, it won’t solve the problem (carpenter bees).

Any scraping, sanding and painting that is needed to be done on the museum, we have to have documented.  County said we only need to have pictures of the building when it was built.

Greg gave us a web-site review.

Meeting ended at 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Eileen Welch, Secretary