Meeting Minutes – July 2011

Genoa Historical Association

Minutes 7/25/2011

Present: Cindy Addy, Dave Baildon, Bob Folts, Marilyn Mann, Greg Mastin, Pat Sellen, and Eileen Welch

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Dave Baildon at 6:40 pm.  Eileen mentioned that when she arrived the alarm was off and lights were on.

After reviewing minutes from last month’s meeting, Dave inquired why and what documentation was needed before inmates could paint the school house.  Marilyn explained that we need to prove that there is no lead present in the original paint of the school house, it seems that original pictures of the building, showing the building had no paint when it was moved is not acceptable to the county.  They say we have to have testing for lead done, and they won’t do it, nor recommend someone who can do the testing.  Bob will check with Sherwin Williams for a recommendations and also get a cost estimate for the testing.  It may be cheaper to hire a contractor who is licensed to test for lead, and have them also paint the school house.

Financial report:  Bob offered current Balance and Profit and Loss Budget Performance statements.  We are on track with spending.

Dan updated us on the progress of the WHF: The parade looks better than ever with more entries; ads will go in this week’s Shoppers (Moravia and Dryden), the Citizen and local television stations; about 50 posters were placed around; Jessica will be picking up the donuts on Friday and Eileen will be selling them; 50/50 is covered on Friday; Melissa Fredrezzi is handling children’s games; the entertainment is awesome; and Cindy is handling the parade lineup and traffic control, Dan will call the Genoa chief to inquire about fire police.  We are still finalizing crafters.  Friday, July 29, we will be cutting wheat if anyone is interested in helping, stopover in the morning around 9am.  Not much can be done about the bees around the barn.


Marilyn said the three events we sponsored for History Week were successful, numbers were low for the Sunday program on the 17th, but on the upside, Pete Signor’s tour of the town of Genoa on the 18th and Hans Pecher’s history (military tracks) of the town on 21st, were huge successes.

Inmates spruced up the Belltown cemetery and the inside of the church has been cleaned up also.  Marilyn mentioned that someone had placed garbage along the cemetery, but it too has also been taken care of.

No one has responded to our inquiry regarding interest in an annual meeting.  Marilyn would like the Board to consider a luncheon meeting sometime in the fall.  She said Judy Furness is willing to do a program for the event.  We can discuss this at the next meeting.

Marilyn made a suggestion that we contact Greg Wellott and see what we need to do to ‘tighten’ up the barn.  Rather than naming each item, a suggestion has been made to document items in a ‘folder’ in the barn so when people visit they will know what they are looking at.

Is there any update on the school house roof?  Cindy will look into that.

Dan Shiels is going to make markers for all the old school houses, or former sites of such, in the town.  If anyone is interested in helping Dan let Marilyn know.

Marilyn would like to have plywood placed on the floor in the school house attic.  Members checked the attic out, and it was decided that cleaning and rearranging what is there would be the best thing to do for the time being.

Marilyn mentioned there are some dangerous potholes in the yard between the parking lot and barn. Cindy will look into getting someone to fill the holes before the WHF.

Marilyn would like to ask the full board to buy some mannequins that she recently purchased from another museum.  She will let us know how many she thinks we might need at the next meeting.

Joanne Kopp and Sue Elwyn are going to paint all the historical markers in the town.  Anyone interested in volunteering to help them would be appreciated.

We have received some nice donations of late from people that have been working on genealogy.  Also, there are only two Genoa books left.

In the fall Marilyn would like to have tours of town cemeteries.  She is also considering tours of the town again, possibly using limos or a horse and buggy.

A motion was made by Dave to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.  Pat 1st  Bob 2nd motion carried.

Next Meeting: August 29th, 6:30pm

Respectively Submitted,

Pat Sellen