Meeting Minutes – January 2012

Genoa Historical Association

Minutes January 9, 2012

Present: Cindy Addy, Renee Benda, Bob Folts, Marilyn Mann, Paul Mitchell, Roberta Parseghian, Pat Sellen, Jessica Shaw, Vicki Sheils, Peter Signor, and Eileen Welch

The meeting was called to order by President Jessica Shaw at 6:35 pm.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved and a motion was made to accept them. Marilyn 1st, Peter 2nd. Motion carried.

Financial report: Bob had trouble with the GHA printer and could not provide a financial statement for the end of 2011. Currently there is a surplus of $742.00, and the balance in our CDs and Money Market is around $60,000.

With doctor’s approval, Katherine plans to return to the GHA on February 6. Currently Vicki Sheils and Edna Mastin have kept the building open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Board would like thank you ladies for helping us out during this difficult time.

Hans Pecher has resigned as the Town of Genoa Historian and Marilyn Mann has been appointed to the position. Marilyn’s time with research will be limited as she would like to work on other things pertaining to the museum. Vicki has offered to lead the research requests, with help from others.

Dan Utter addressed the Board regarding a suggested tractor pull this year in conjunction with the Wheat Harvest Festival. He doesn’t feel (from previous experience) this is a worthwhile project and could possibly end up being very expensive. Vicki has offered to help him with the coordination of the Wheat Harvest Festival with letters and obtaining various vendors for the event. Several others have offered to help Cindy with traffic control and a variety of other duties. The discussion will continue at our next meeting on January 30th.

Renee Benda, our intern from Wells College, was introduced. Renee is with us for the spring semester working on research, organizing the repository, and setting future goals for the GHA. She tentatively plans to be at the GHA on Fridays.

The results of nominations to the GHA Executive Committee were: President, Roberta Parseghian; Vice President, David Baildon; Secretary, Pat Sellen, (backup) Eileen Welch; Treasurer, Bob Folts; Historian, Marilyn Mann. Motion was made to accept nominees as presented. Roberta 1st, Vicky 2nd. Motion carried.

Bob, with help from Marilyn and Pat, will see that everyone has a proposed budget within the next couple of weeks, so we can compare last year’s spending and see what we need to work on for this year’s budget. The $740 surplus in 2011’s budget brought up considerable discussion on how we can/should use this money. Bob will be adding lines for Cemeteries and Mannequins’ and most felt the money should be placed in these accounts. A motion was made to place the funds in the two accounts. Peter 1st, Eileen 2nd. Motion carried.

Marilyn has asked that we all think about what we would like to see as goals for the GHA this year and bring our ideas to the next meeting.

Everyone was asked look over the Committees list and decide which ones you would like to participate in this year. You may email your choices to Pat at

Bob said that the repair of the damage to the west side and bathroom is nearly complete. Tom is currently waiting on the window for the south side and in the spring painting can be done on the outside of the building to complete the project. Insurance is paying some of the cost of the repair work. A job well-done Bob!

Marilyn, Paul and Greg will be working with on membership. An idea on how to raise more funds would be welcomed. Paul explained why the “Tribune” currently is sent to everyone free of charge in Aurora, Scipio, King Ferry, Genoa, and Locke.

A bridge was completed at the Wilcox Cemetery, but there is concern about the safety of people crossing and liability at all the cemetery sites. The Board will investigate further.

The information sign that Marilyn was interested in placing outside of the building is no longer being manufactured; she may devise something else for our use.

Marilyn hasn’t heard anything in regard to the Pomeroy grant. She did submit three proposals.

The Town of Genoa provided the holiday wreaths, one for the meeting room and one for the schoolhouse. Thank you.

Marilyn would like us to have a membership in “Museumwise”, an organization that helps groups such as ours and is an excellent resource of useful information that could aid us in meeting some of our goals, such as, securing grants. The $50 fee will be sent to secure a membership.

Up-coming programs are: At the GHA; Greg Mastin will hold another computer class on January 17th; at 7pm; Peter Signor will be presenting a program January 26, at 10:30am, called “The Village of Genoa” a picture presentation of the village’s past; February 7th at 10:30am we are holding a “Remembering the Trains”; At the Community Center; February 12th at 1:00pm the “Steam Boiler Works Band” will offer a musical presentation and the proceeds from refreshments will go toward the restoration of the Player Piano currently at the Community Center. Sometime after the restoration of the piano we will hold a program at the Community Center to “show off” the newly renovated “ivories”; and “The Hagin’s” will once again perform their entertaining musical for Saint Patrick’s Day on March 11th. We will be asking for donations of cookies and punch to sell at these events

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:50pm. Roberta 1st, Pat 2nd. Motion carried.

Next Meeting: January 30, 2012, 6:30pm

Respectively Submitted,

Pat Sellen