Meeting Minutes – February 2012

Genoa Historical Association
Minutes February 27, 2012
Present: Rene Benda, Bob Folts, Marilyn Mann, Roberta Parseghian, Pat Sellen, Vicki Sheils, and Peter Signor

Guest: Lorie Fessenden, Town of Genoa Supervisor

Guest: Dan Utter, Wheat Harvest Festival

The meeting was called to order by President Roberta Parseghian at 6:30 pm.
Supervisor Fessenden: “If I were part of the GHA, this is what I would propose on the topic of cemeteries:
1. Cemetery projects for the GHA should be listed as a specific goals or plan for the upcoming year (perhaps they are) and definitely this topic should be described as a function of the GHA or listed in their Charter perhaps

2. The GHA needs to know and understand that the Town cannot be involved in any shape or form in these endeavors on private property.

3. It is my feeling that the GHA should consider obtaining liability insurance for projects such as cleaning up cemeteries and this would need to be a policy separate from the policy that the Town and GHA has pertaining to the Rural Life Museum/Schoolhouse.

4. State Law rules that Town’s are not legally responsible for cemeteries that are private or family plots.

5. I think working in these cemeteries is a great idea, and a function that is representative of the Historical Association.

This is a huge undertaking the GHA has started and should be commended for it. I would encourage the GHA to continue with these efforts as long as they have the man power, permission from the owner(s) of the cemeteries is a must, and have obtained liability insurance for these ventures. I feel that SCCS should be involved if they have a history club or a community service organization.”

Dan Utter was not present tonight, but there was some discussion regarding the Wheat Harvest Festival and the general feeling was we need to get started sooner this year. Vicki is making contacts with various vendors and entertainment. Lorie Radcliff-Woods is willing to work on advertisement, but she does need to get going soon. Vicki will be setting up a meeting with Dan to get his feelings and see where we go from here.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved and a motion was made to accept them. Marilyn 1st, Bob 2nd. Motion carried.

Bob gave us his budget for 2012 with the changes that were proposed at the January 30th meeting. Everyone was happy with the work that Bob has done with the budget and a motion was made to accept the budget as presented. Pat 1st, 2nd Vicki. Motion carried. Bob did state that we should begin the budget process in early fall and everyone agreed.
Bob gave a report on the septic system and it appears after he and Jack did some testing that the lavatory in the ladies room restroom is leaking and causing the tank to fill up unduly fast. He also noted that the lavatory in the men’s is a large tank and wasting a good deal of water with each flush. He has checked out several low use lavatories and he will replace both with the newer, more energy efficient systems.

Various exciting goals/projects for 2012 were discussed. Marilyn mentioned that there is currently a Cayuga Community Fund available that we may be interested in applying for to help with projects such as cemetery preservation, etc. Gay Folts would also like to speak to the board about murals highlighting the four corners of ‘King Ferry past’ to be hung in the GHA. Other thoughts on murals would be including ‘Genoa past’ also, and perhaps hanging them in the meeting room at the Town Hall. We decided to invite Gay to our March meeting to further this discussion. Another project discussed was the sign on the corner of Rt. 90 and Rt. 34B, it need repairing, painting and updating. There is a sign at the Genoa Town Garage and someone needs to investigate that also. Painting of the schoolhouse was also discussed. Shelves, a microwave and small refrigerator were among the topics that some felt should be tabled until a full board was in attendance.
Marilyn produced a list of possible volunteers and that is attachment I.

Marilyn, Vicki, and Bob have been getting plaques and hanging them: Katherine Stachniewicz above the Records Room, Don Arnold and Peter Signor for the beautiful handmade desk being used as a computer workstation, and Don Potter for the quilt hangers and flag stand. The money for the plaques was taken from the money that Susan Close donated. They are first-class! Thank you so much.

The Museumwise membership has been paid from the Historian’s Money. Marilyn is very pleased with the rapport we have with H3C.

Greg is working on programs to give us more storage on our Website. With support from the board, he will be moving us from Picasso to Smug Mug soon, for a fee of $35 this year. Rene’s current project is a ‘time-line’ on the Franklin School, Ledyard District No. 12.

Bruce Tracy, a local railroad enthusiast, will be presenting a program on March 8 at 10:30 on his knowledge of trains. Attachment II gives an overview of upcoming programs at the GHA

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 pm. Pat1st, Vicki 2nd. Motion carried.

Next Meeting: March 26, 2012, 6:30pm

Respectively Submitted,
Pat Sellen