Meeting Minutes – August 2011

GHA Meeting

August 29, 2011

Present:  Jessica Shaw, Bob Folts, Greg Mastin, Cindy Addy, Marilyn Mann, Eileen Welch, Hans Pecher and Vicky Shiels

Absent:  Roberta Parsighan and Patsy Selden

Meeting commenced at 6:40

It was suggested that the July minutes be reviewed at the September meeting since Patsy was unable to send minutes due to a broken arm.  A get well card would be sent to her by Eileen.

Marilyn stated that the lead tests for the building was done and approved.

The financial report was reviewed by Bob and a review of the earnings made were read:

$925 by sponsors

$60 came from donuts and coffee

$311 cake wheel

$436 raffle

$ 51 pies

$925 Sponsors

$ 50  Tables

$ 275 Cash

Cindy suggested that the paper work for the parade should be sent out 2 – 3 months in advance to those interested in participating in the parade.  Bob mentioned that there is a need to change our way of advertising the parade.  Jessica said that maybe we needed to add new things to the parade and get more crafters.  Marilyn suggested that we should approach Dan about earlier planning for the Wheat Harvest perhaps after the first of the year.

Dave thought the GHA should send Dan a “Thank You” for directing the Wheat Harvest.

Bob asked what was the goal of having the Wheat Harvest; was it for the money or for historical reasons.

Approved by Marilyn 1st and Eileen 2nd – Carried

Old Business:

Annual Meeting will be held Oct. 19th.  Judy Furness suggested lunch at the King Ferry Hotel and a slide show in the museum prior to this.  All attendants will pay for their own lunch.

Approved by Eileen 1st. Cindy 2nd – Carried

New Business:

Dan Sheils is painting historical markers.  Roof is not done to date.  The cell mates are to paint the school house and the out house. If not done by Wednesday, another date would be set up.

We need to make people aware of our web site in the Tribune.  The scholarship discussion will be a winter project.  Dave asked about the creamery purchase.  Marilyn was concerned about the space it would take up in the museum. Hans said their was no doubt that it was an original piece since it belonged to the Conlin family.  Dave and Hans are checking it out and they will make a decision whether we should purchase it or not.

A corn hawler manufactured in Genoa was donated (Hans).  Marilyn talked about numbering and tagging articles in the barn.

Bob thought there should be an inventory made of nooks picture, post cards to determine whether we need to reorder or replace.  It was suggested that cartridges for the printer should be included in next year’s budget.  Marilyn will check to see if anything needs to be replaced in the museum.

Bob asked if we should send out “Thank Yous” for generous donations.  Jessica is going to mention to Paul  about publishing a general “Thank You” to all who donated or participated in the Wheat Harvest Festival.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55

Respectfully submitted by Eileen Welch